We are a team of scientists interested in a variety of ecological and evolutionary questions, especially involving the relationship between both disciplines and the theory of eco-evolutionary feedbacks. For the most part, we do our research on Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata) and their streams. Some of our research include:

  • How does (guppy) adaptation to high densities and food limitation affect nutrient cycling? How does this affect (guppy) evolution?
  • How does (guppy) dispersal evolve as populations spread? How does this affect their invasiveness?
  • How predictable and repeatable is rapid evolution and its ecological effects?

We approach these questions through the integration of mathematical models (statistical or theoretical) with long-term data, and manipulative experiments in the field, laboratory, and semi-natural environments (mesocosms).



López-Sepulcre Team

Exploring the interface between Ecology & Evolution

Prof. Andrés Lopez-Sepulcre

Principal Investigator


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Department of Biology

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Eva Bacmeister

Field Manager


Washington University in St. Louis

Nana Kusi

Undergraduate Researcher

Dr. Matthieu Bruneaux

PostDoctoral Researcher

Alex Smith

Undergraduate Researcher

Savannah Fuquah

Lab Manager